Lund-Hoel House

The Most Famous House in Town!

Stone headers and entrance gate to the historic lund-hoel house.

September 2022 Tour Request - Weekends only

Due to Covid, we will be doing tours by appointment until further notice. 

Allow at least 4-6 days in advance for a tour date request. 

You are NOT guaranteed the day/time you request.  We will do our best to accommodate you.

Please fill in the information to receive a call back to arrange day/time.

Allow 24-48 hrs for a response to your email.  

Tours will be conducted by APPOINTMENT ONLY and limited to 6 persons per tour: 

Please fill out the form & submit.  You will receive a call or text response.

Tour Request Form:

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            Full Name:      

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  Day Requested:

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We can’t guaranteed day/time, but we will try to accommodate your schedule. 

A Tour Guide will phone/text you back to confirm day/time.

PLEASE be on time.  If there is another tour after yours, you may not receive a full tour.  


We appreciate cash donations and accept Credit/Debit Cards.

(Members need not donate, but can if they wish.)

Admission by donation.  We suggest (at least):

$5 per adult & high school student

$3 Elementary Student

Pre-School children always free to visit

Large Group Tour-Info Request   

Large Group Tours in 2022 depend on circumstances.    

Reservations MUST BE made at least 14 days in advance, and larger groups of 20+ at least 21 days.

On this page, you may request:

A tour appointment for a specific date & time -which must be during warm weather --April if above 65 degrees, May, September or early October if above 65 degrees.

The Museum is closed during the winter and reopens in Spring.

Larger Groups

If you request a tour outside of normal tour hours, you must live 30 or more miles from Canby OR be requesting a group tour which is a minimum of 5 adults. Just bring all your friends to qualify!

Since the Museum is mainly run by volunteers, please be considerate and make your reservations 14 days or more in advance.

Members, their family, & guests -free: (Please inform the tour guide by presenting your membership name at the door.)

We operate by Donation.  We suggest (at least):

$5 per adult & high school student

$3 Elementary Student

Pre-School children always free to visit

Family Rate - $15

 Members & their guests:

Please inform the tour guide of your membership at the door. The Guide will check your current address.

To make a reservation or questions regarding a tour of the Lund-Hoel House,

please fill in the box below:

Allow a minimum of 1 hour for Lund-Hoel House, and additional time for the Carriage House (Interpretive Center) which contains the history of the City of Canby, many historic pictures, antique tools, and of course, the horse carriage.  Typical tours can last 90 minutes.

Request additional information by filling in the 'Request' Box.

GROUP Tour or Information Request Form

By filling out the form below, we will respond as soon as possible.  Please allow 1-2 business days for processing.  A Request is not a guarantee your tour will be approved.  


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