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Step back in history with a visit to the Lund-Hoel House.  Established in 1891 by John Lund of Lund's Land Agency, it became the talk of the town.  The main part of the house was completed in 49 days.  In 1900, additional renovations included a surrounding "hardhead" (fieldstone) fence, additional living space, servants quarters, balconies, a turret, and porches.  Although considered extravagant at the time, foolish by many, the House boasted a gas plant to light the house at night with original gas fixtures on display.  The rooms were designed without continuity or harmony with many styles of millwork.  All bedrooms except the servants quarters had their own balcony.  The "door above the door" in the upstairs hallway is always intriguing.
National Register of Historic Homes
Canby, MN
Located on the Historic Highway 75 Byway--Canada to Mexico!
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The Historic Lund-Hoel House
Historic Lund-Hoel House
Est.  1891 
Greetings from Canby's most famous house!  Located on the corner of Highway 75 and 4th Street, the Lund-Hoel House, dressed in its historically accurate Victorian dark green and white, awaits your visit!
Visitors who have toured the house note that local historians have adequate early records concerning the first families that occupied the residence.  Several colorful stories about John G. ("Land") Lund, his sister. Mary Lund Hoel and her husband Reverend Olaf Hoel, can be found in the "History" pages on this site.  These history records also include specifics concerning the memories of renters and boarders who once called this house "home".
The builder and first owner of the House was John G. Lund-a hustling, bustling dynamo of a man who lived a colorful but short existence of just 40 years.  Self-made millionaire land broker, energetic mayor of Canby at the turn-of-the-century, and founder-president of one of the three banks in town -- all of these phrases describe Lund well.
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Interpretive Center
The Carriage House
Interpretive Center
The Carriage House, now an Interpretive Center, has been completely restored to its original glory complete with cupola.  Along with other artifacts, it also houses a turn-of-the-century horse-drawn carriage which is still used on occasion for parades.
Carriage House/Interpretive Center
Since 1975, the Lund-Hoel House has depended upon volunteers to give thousands of guided tours.  The museum is completely maintained through the generosity of members, ad hoc donations, and the dedicated people who serve on the Board.
In 2005, the wood shingles were completely replaced with new wood shingles in the original design of the House.  In 2006, the House and  Carriage House received new coats of paint in their original green and white Victorian decor.
In 2007, renovations and repairs were done on the interior.  It had been 30 years since the house has had a major update.  Everyone is pleased with the outcome of the projects! 
In 2008, the Gingerbread trim was removed and rebuilt  to the exact specifications of  the original and duplicating the original trim precisely. 
In spring of 2009, the Gingerbread trim was replaced with the help of many people. 
In 2010, work began excavating the old rear kitchen porch.  There was an old well under that section of the porch which had retained moisture and water.  It was causing deterioration of the porch.  The porch was also rebuilt, reinforced, and the posts were reconstructed to match the front top original balcony.  A lot of Artisans contributed their work and precise knowledge to complete the project. 
In the summer of 2011, the windmill was taken down and deconstructed.  It was carefully analyzed and re-created to exact specifications over the winter.  Each blade angle has a slightly different pitch to catch the wind.  The project was meticulously handled by a master craftsman. 
In 2012, it was time to put the Windmill back together.  All the newly rebuilt and freshly painted pieces were put back into place.  Even the "football" was painted and checked for cracks.  It appears to look like styrofoam, but is actually concrete.  
Many thanks are due the dedicated volunteers who reconstruct building elements in the old style tradition.  Since the Lund-Hoel House is on the National Register of Historic Homes, each detail must be carefully planned out and reconstructed according to the original materials and designs. 
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