Lund-Hoel House

The Most Famous House in Town!

Stone headers and entrance gate to the historic lund-hoel house.


Q: May I take pictures or video while in the Lund-Hoel House?

A: Photos and video are not allowed within the House. Due to this policy, no cameras are allowed. On rare occasions, professional photographers are allowed to use the Lund-Hoel House as a backdrop for member projects. Application and arrangements must be made in advance and must be approved by the Board.


Q: My organization would like to visit your museum as a group. How do we schedule a Group Tour?


Q: Our family is passing through Canby when the Museum is not open. May we schedule a tour outside of the regular tour hours?

A: Tours can be scheduled outside of regular hours for group tours, or those who visit Canby during times when the museum is not daily or seasonally open. The tours are weather dependent.

Small Groups (2-5) must be scheduled 7 days in advance.

Large Groups (6 or more) must be scheduled 14 days in advance.

        Please use the Tour Request form and specify the following information:

    •    the name of the person in charge of your Tour Group

    •    the phone # of your contact person

    •    the number in the group

    •    the date you are looking at

    •    best time to call contact person

Depending on Group size, special admission pricing may be available.

Just as soon as we receive the information, a person on the Tour Committee will contact you to confirm the date.

Also please note the tour duration question below to better plan your time.


Q: How long is a tour?

A: . A tour takes about an hour. It is best to allow 2 hours to see the House, Carriage House, and gardens. The Carriage House Interpretive Center has a large photo collection, tool collection, local history items, etc.

If you have time constraints, please advise the tour guide at the start of the tour.


Q: What is included in the price of admission?

A: . A tour guide will assist and educate you on the Lund-Hoel House family history and building architecture. The Carriage House, which is located behind the Museum is an Interpretive Center with many pictures, history, and is also included in the tour. The Victorian Garden has been restored to plantings typically found around the turn of the century. Tours typically take a minimum of 1 hour to complete without the Carriage House/Interpretive Center. The Carriage House is self-guided, but contains a lot of information.


Q: Where are you located?

A: We are located in West Central Minnesota 8 miles from the South Dakota border in Canby, MN. Canby lies on the crossroads of Highway 75 and Highway 68. We are approximately 30 miles northwest of Marshall Minnesota.

The Lund-Hoel House is located two blocks north of the intersection of Highway 75 (A historic By-Way running from Canada to Mexico) and Highway 68. We are adjacent to Central Park, at the intersection of St. Olaf and 4th St. The downtown area of Canby is a designated 'Historic District' and many buildings go back to the turn of the century when Canby was first settled.


Q: What other attractions are in Canby?

A: We have great information available at The Depot. It is a retired train station serving as Canby's Visitors Center and Informational Center from May through October. It is also an excellent research facility and houses old newspapers and photos. It is located across from the Dairy Queen on South Hwy 75.

Camping: There is camping available at Lake Sylvan Park (near the hospital), Triangle Park (North end of town by the Cenex Station), Del Clark Lake (2 miles south of Canby), and Lake Cochran State Park (10 miles west of Canby).

Events & shopping: Community events include Polar Weekend in January, Spring Showcase, Hat Daze weekend in June, Fall Fest, Christmas Parade/Festival, and Chili Cook-offs randomly throughout the year. There is also a community swimming pool, public playgrounds, library, and shopping at 2 antique stores and other local businesses.

Historic Movie Theater: Canby boasts one of the oldest movie theaters in the state and still in operation. It is open seasonally weekends, Friday through Sunday with movies at 7 & 9 pm. Although it is a historic site, it has added an additional smaller theater to provide the community with two different movies per weekend.


Q: How do I become a contributing member?

A: New members are always welcome! You may contact us by clicking on the "contact" page, and emailing us. You may also contact any of the board members, tour guides, or email for more information. Memberships are $20 per year and are the backbone of our financial resources to maintain the house and provide tours.

Benefits of being a member include:

    Unlimited visits for you and your family and guests

    Participation in annual and other meetings

    Sustaining participant of the most famous house in Canby!


Q:  What/Where is your privacy policy page?

See the Members Info page or read here.  You may also remove previous permission using this page.  In brief, the information you enter for contact, zoom meetings, or tour information is used only for communicating with you.  That information is not stored on the internet.  IP addresses, etc are collected for statistical purpose only.  


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