John (Bud) Qualley, who served the board for 32 years, has been an integral part of the Lund-Hoel House for many years.
Bud’s sister, June Qualley Duis, and her husband Francis, lived in the Lund-Hoel House from 1944 to October of 1946. At that time there were three apartments contained in house:
Apt #1)  Francis and June Duis, along with 2 of their children, Lani and Richard, occupied the apartment on the main floor facing Highway 75.
Lani was one of the first new- borns for this old house. Francis put up a short fence within the stone fence for Lani & Jimmy to play in. One day when “someone” left the front iron gate open, the two children were missing. They had wandered up to Haarfager to look things over.
Apt #2)  In the apartment facing the park, lived Dan and Clara Crowley.  Dan & Clara Crowley's daughter, Margaret, lived in the up- stairs apartment. 
Apt #3)  James and Margaret McConnel, along with their son, Jimmy occupied the upstairs apartment in the house. James was in the service at that time, and he was stationed in England.  Having Margaret’s parents live just downstairs was a great benefit for a serviceman’s wife.  They were close by for help and support at this time.
Left:  John (Bud) Qualley with his sister, Jackie
Right:  Lani (Duis) Cleveland and Jim McConnel. ~Picture taken at the Lund-Hoel House
(~MECCA Newsletter 2007)