Kids Play III
©Darold Snortum 2007
As we got a little older, we would sprawl on the carpet by the radio and be intrigued by shows like " The Lux Radio Theatre, The FBI in Peace and War,Suspense, Edger Bergen and Charlie McCarthy, Jack Benny, Fibber McGee and Molly" and many, many more. A good imagination easily took the place of video. I also remember listening to many boxing matches, especially Joe Lewis fights.
You still see premiums offered on products, cereal, candy, etc. Now, most premiums are available with a proof of purchase and a sum of money. Years ago, most promotions were free with a substantial number of box tops or candy wrappers. Sometimes there would be a short cut method with fewer box tops and a little cash. However, if you had patience and pestered your folks to buy the product (and willingly ate the product) you could get quality prizes.
Post cereals, Mars, Baby Ruth, Planters Peanuts were some of the prominent products. We always kept our eyes to the ground as we walked, looking for candy wrappers.
Another inexpensive way to have fun was to go through magazines and find free sample offers. Paste a coupon on a penny post card, mail it in and you would receive a sample in the mail. It didn't matter what it was, it was just fun to get something in the mail. We got everything. from laxatives to vitamins to tooth paste.
"Big Little Books" were the comic books of our day. Books about 4 by 4 inches and 2-2 1/2 inches thick, hard cover, with a good variety of stories. I loved them. They're collectors items today. 
Going to a Saturday matinee Western and then going home and playing "Cowboy" was high on our list of fun things to do. "Captain, May I" was another game we played. Players lined up, the Captain would give instructions to individuals to advance so many steps forward. First one to finish line won.  If you forgot to say, "Captain,   May I," you were penalized. 
"Aunty I Over" was another game we played. I doubt if it's spelled like that. Players were on opposite sides of a building. As you threw a ball over the roof you hollered "Aunty". If it didn't go over you hollered "Pigs Tail" If the ball came over the roof and you caught it, (honor system) you would run around the building, tag the thrower and win.
Swimming at the lake was high priority fun too. Another chapter goes into more detail on that. 
Building model airplanes was a favorite pastime of mine. Non-flying model kits contained blocks of Balsa wood and directions to build rather well detailed models. Flying models were much more difficult. Printed Balsa sheets and narrow strips of Balsa were cut and put together much like the framework of a real airplane. The framework was covered with tissue paper, power was a rubber band driven propeller.