Kids Play II
©Darold Snortum 2007
There were three distinct spring areas. Always a good cold drink trickling into the creek. Exploring and building small dams were part of the fun. We had to find many excuses for coming home with wet clothes and shoes. We were always trying to build a raft but usually ended up with wet feet. Never could find enough logs to do a good job but we had fun trying.
It was always exciting to stand close to the railroad track and watch the freight trains, steam locomotives, go by. It took a number of years before we dared to stand under the bridge while the train was going over.
I've got to admit that we were probably as hung up on radio shows after school as kids are on TV today.
One of the favorites was "Jack Armstrong, the All American Boy." The theme song was:
Wave the flag for Hudson High boys, Show them where we stand.
Ever shall we be faithful.
Known throughout the land. Rah, Rah. Boola boola, boola boola,
Boola boola, boola boo.
Jack was a high school athlete who was continually having exciting experiences of one kind or another.
Another favorite was "Chief Wolf Paw", an Indian story. You could become a member of the tribe by sending your name in. Then by sending in a few boxtops you could receive neat premiums. I still have a "Chief Wolf Paw" ring and small medallion. Once I was pushing someone on the swing at school. The ring hooked on the seat and cut into my finger, very painful. I had to have Grandpa Poulson cut the ring off with a tin snips.
If you belonged to the tribe you could greet other members with the secret Indian words. You would hold up two fingers with the right hand and say, "Ho wa ho sa wauka." The secret answer from another tribe member was to put one finger to the tip of the nose and say, "Bah ne oh ne ah." I don't remember what the words were supposed to mean.
A third program that I remember was "Captain Hawks Sky Patrol", an aviation story. I still have the pilots wings that Capt. Hawk sent me. I could have had the silver Flight Lieutenants Wings for 2 Post's Bran Flakes box tops, but I opted for the gold wings of a Flight Captain for 3 box tops.
I still have Capt. Hawks pilot's manual telling me how to fly, also a catalog of nice gifts that I can get for box tops. I recall sending for a 12 inch wing span, balsa wood model kit for Pan America Airways China Clipper. The catalog tells me that I sent in 13 Posts Bran Flakes for the kit, or I could have sent in 8 box tops and 10c in stamps. I recall the model as being fun to build and of good quality.