©Darold Snortum 2007
I'm probably wrong, but I have the feeling that when we were kids we had more fun then kids do now days. The main reason being play wasn't organized like it is now. We could pretty much do what we wanted when we wanted. I can remember warm summer days, lying on my back on the grass, hearing chickens clucking in the background, doing nothing but looking at the different shaped clouds. I wonder if kids now ever do that?
We did have plenty to do though when we felt like it.
Neighborhood softball games in the evening, just hating to see it get dark. We'd play double or triple work-up. Two or three players keep batting until one is put out. The out player moves out to right field and every one moves up a position until they get to bat. Do they still do that--I don't know. Our field was railroad property where Nordquist furniture (presently Outland Renewable Energy LLC) now stands.
Pick up football games in the yard. We never heard of a pro football player then so we just played. I recall one game in our yard. Wendell broke his nose, just flattened right out. Had it set and taped up for a long time.
The sidewalk hill by Moens was perfect for sliding, wagons or go-carts in the summer and sleds in the winter. Perfect hill when we were small. As we grew, we graduated to the tower hill, a good steep hill and a lot scarier.
We were forever building scooters or go-carts. Scooters were made by nailing old roller skates (clamp on type) to a board. Only one skate was needed. Skate would be separated, front and back and fastened. Then an upright piece would be added to board with a T handle. That was it, you had a scooter.
Anytime we could find four wheels though, we would build a go-cart. Always tried to figure out a steering wheel mechanism but usually ended up with a pivoting axle steered by ropes.
Perpetual motion go-cart? You bet. Someone had told us that if you put larger wheels on the back and smaller wheels in front it would be just like going down hill all the time, hence perpetual motion. Silly, no. Stop to think about it. It makes sense, it should work. We could never get it quite right!!
We always dreamed of somehow getting an old Maytag gas engine and having a power driven cart. I eventually did get one but could never get it to even "pop".
Exploring!! My brother John, living in California, said, "California has Disney Land, but Canby has the creek." We practically lived there in the summer. The creek was virtually in our back yard so we were there often. The best area, however, was across the tracks.No one lived anywhere near there. A few cows pastured here kept the weeds down. We knew every bend and crook and deep hole in the stream.