The Dan Crowley Family  1938-1957  (Written by Margaret Crowley McConnell) 
My parents, Dan & Clara Crowley, occupied various apartments in the house.  This was also my home from 1938 to 1946. 
While James Mc'Connell served at Fort Lewis Washington, his young bride, Margaret, returned to Canby in October 1943 and lived in the back upstairs apartment until 1946.  Their first son, James Jr., was born December 15, 1943.  He was baptized in the same parlor where the wedding reception had been held.  When the baby was 18 months old, he saw his father for the first time.  James Sr. returned from the European theater in July 1945 and was just discharged in December.  They lived in the house until spring 1946.
While the Crowleys lived in the house, dad worked for both Ed and Leo Hentges.  In the mid-1940s, he began to work as a custodian at the hospital and continued there until his retirement.  The folks saw their family raised in the Lund-Hoel House and enjoyed the company of the other tenants.  For the Crowley's, putting four children through school, these were recovery years after the Depression.  Mother spent most of these years as a cook at the Canby Public Schools and at St. Peter's Catholic School.  She died in May 1989.  Dan Crowley died of a heart attack in 1968 at the age of 76, 5 years after the parents had built their own home on Lyon Street.
With the exception of the Richter's tenure in the Lund-Hoel House, the Crowley's, as tenants of Nella and Andrew Berg, lived there the longest and saw more people move in and out.  Best of all was always easy to tell someone where you lived because it was "behind the stone wall."
    James McConnell, Jr and Lani Qualley (Cleveland)
Photo taken on the sidewalk of the Lund-Hoel House mid 1940s