Canby historians assume when Rev Olaf Hoel bought what is now the Lund-Hoel House (MECCA, Inc) in 1903, that the $10,000 purchase price was nearly impossible for a pioneer preacher to come by.  However, Canbyans of that time were aware that the pastor's wife had a successful father and brothers in banking and that there was no need for Mary (Lund) Hoel to look far for finances.
Mary (also spelled Marie) Elizabeth was born 8 March 1857 to Ove Nicholai Lund (Known in Canby as O.N.) and Johanna (Huseby) Lund in Decorah, Iowa.  Her father Ove was born in Saysborg, Norway, on 21 April 1825, emigrated to American in 1855 and died in Canby in 1889.  Her mother Johanna was also born in Norway at Gue Solor on 9 March 1835; her death in Canby was in the same year as her husband's.  As a child Mary moved with her parents to Winona and a few years later to Rushmore, MN, where she grew to womanhood.  She was confirmed by Rev E.L. Jaastad of Rushmore, who also, on 19 August 1876, married her to the newly ordained Olaf Hoel.
Near or in Canby, the Hoels' eight children, three girls and five boys, were born:
Hannah, 4 October 1877:
       The oldest.  Since she and Rev. Andrew Sorenson were married in 1902, a year before the Hoels bought the house, it is unlikely that Hannah lived in the Lund-Hoel House. 
Wilhelm Marius (called Marius), 13 November 1879:
       Marius died unexpectedly while away at Luther College in early 1896 so he could not have lived at the house.
Milla, 1 January 1882:
       Milla taught school beginning in 1904 and in 1910 married, after teaching for six years.  She could have lived for a short time in the house. 
Ove Nordahl (called Nordahl), 14 October 1884:
       Considering Nordahl did not marry until 1909, it is possible that he lived for a few years in the house before going into the banking profession. 
John Rudolph (called Rudolph), 14 April 1886:
       Since Rudolph followed Nordahl into banking and did not marry until 1912, he too, probably lived with the family at the house for a short time.
Ingram Harry (called Harry), 6 November 1888:
       Harry did not graduate from Canby High School until 1907.  For certain he spent four years as a family member in the house.  After he married in 1912, he, his wife, Marie Ziegler Hoel, and their two children lived in Canby for several years, but they did not live in the house.
Nella, (youngest daughter), 25 July 1891:
       Nella was 12 years old when she moved with her family into the house.  She did not marry Andrew Berg until 1931, a year after her mother's and father's deaths.  She was the child who stayed at home to care for her elderly parents.  And because of this, lived in the house for more years than any other member of the Hoel family. 
       Nella spent some months away from Canby.  In the year 1911, Nella received a certificate from the Lutheran Ladies' Seminary and its Conservatory of Music on 7 June.  This seminary in Red Wing, MN, was conducted exclusively for young Christian women.  Here Nella excelled in music.  Upon her return to Canby, she gave piano lessons in the main parlor of the house for many years.  (A McPhail's piano degree was awarded later, c 1935, in Minneapolis.)
Milnor Omer (called Omer), the younges son and last child, 9 February 1894
       Omer was 9 years old when the family moved to the house.
       Omer graduated from Canby High School in 1912, married in 1917, then "read" and practiced law in Iowa before returning to Canby in the late 1920s for a few years.  It is certain that Omer's young family lived, for a year, in the Lund-Hoel House.
       In 1991, Omer, the only living child of the Hoel famly at  the time -at 97 years of age, traveled from California with his daughter (and namesake) Milnore, and his two sons James R. and David L. Hoel.  They attended the July 25-26-27 Centennial Birthday Party in Canby.  The MECCA board members were thrilled to have such venerable guests! 
       In 2015, James R. and Milnore Hoel Hall both passed away. On July 30th, James R. Hoel's 2 children, Gil (wife, Julie) with his sister, Kim Hoel Creadick, along with another generation of Hoels: Jillian Hoel Winters, and Cayden, Chad, & Chelsea Griffith. 
Marshall Independent - August 1, 2015
A memorial tree was planted with a plaque that reads: 
The Hoel family also presented the Lund-Hoel House with a watercolor custom painted of their Grandfather Omer's home.  It is on display at the museum.  If you look close at the painting, you will see young Jim seated on the fence.