The Lund Land Agency was headquartered in the double stone building which still stands on St. Olaf Avenue (now known as The Hair Gallery).  Here the "real estate king," "Land Lund," in 1889 sold over 60,000 acres of land.  In a few years, Lund's Land Agency had established branches in Watertown, Iroquois, Goodwin, and Henry, South Dakota, and in Jamestown, North Dakota, as well as in Northwood, Iowa.
It was John Lund's practice to hire every horse and rig available in town, gather his friends who played in the village band, and meet the incoming trains filled with prospective customers.  Lund dressed in a special vest bedecked with brass buttons, wore a bandmaster's cap, and carried a cornet (which he blew to call attention to his sales pitch. 
John G. Lund was also a very popular candidate for mayor.  He "swept" the elections in 1898 through 1900.  His business abilities were of great help in building the village which became the city of Canby. 
Downtown Canby in the early days looking Northwest.  Note... Lund Land Office was across the street & is not the same one in the picture.  The school is in the background.  The 'wooden' buildings predated the brick buildings in Historic Downtown District.